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what is a sugarshirt™

What is a sugarshirt?

With sugarshirts, the magic is all on the inside! We first sourced the most featherlight fleece available, then fused it with a sliver of film to create a unique textile. 

This is seamlessly integrated into a demi liner and placed strategically over the breast area to provide completely undetectable camouflage for your bra free breasts.

How do we know that the liner will work for your breast shape?

We partnered with plastic surgeons to ensure perfect, flattering coverage for all breast sizes up to a DD. It’s not all magic - it’s science as well!

Why is my sugarshirt worth it?

All sugarshirts are a classic design ensuring years of comfy, stylish wear.  They are all rigorously tested for easy, lasting wash and wear before being put into production. The unique sugarshirt bust demi-liner provides the ultimate flattering, comfortable bra free camouflage. The liner floats over your naked body providing a dreamy bra free sensation. Every seam is double sewn for the most comfortable, flattering fit that lasts wash after wash.

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

A percentage of every garment sold is donated to The Caridad Centre, the largest free healthcare provider in Florida.

10% donated to Charity

Founded in 1989 by Connie Berry and Caridad Asensio, these two women were determined to bring healthcare services to the working poor in Palm Beach County. The charity is now the largest provider of free healthcare in Florida.

A percentage of every sugarshirt™ sold goes towards the supporting the astonishing work done at the Caridad Center.

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