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Designed To Be Comfortable & Worn Without A Bra

liberate yourself with sugarshirts™

what is a sugarshirt™

The world's only clothing line designed exclusively to wear without a bra, without exposure and still look as lovely as if you were wearing shape wear underneath. No straps, no bands, no cups, no shelf, no kidding. Just a dreamy, soft, patent-pending application integrated into each sugarshirt™ that floats over your naked body. Ingenious tailoring guarantees a beautiful silhouette regardless of your size and shape beneath. Only you know you are not wearing a bra!

 sugarshirts™ are easy care and carefully selected fabrics are rigorously tested to ensure they will always look crisp and elegant. Super bra-free comfort in a shirt. 

New Limited Collection


10% donated to Charity

Founded in 1989 by Connie Berry and Caridad Asensio, these two women were determined to bring healthcare services to the working poor in Palm Beach County. The charity is now the largest provider of free healthcare in Florida.
A percentage of every sugarshirt™ sold goes towards the supporting the astonishing work done at the
 Caridad Center.

Superb bra freedom 

with a Sugarshirt.

no more compromising beauty for comfort, Wearing a sugarshirt™ is liberating!

what do women think of sugarshirts™ ?

A few recently liberated women share their thoughts 

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