Dear friends with boobs,

There I was.

I was 14 yrs old and shivering in my underwear in the old boy's locker room waiting to be handed my new gym uniform.

We had been an all girls school on a different campus the year before. There we wore starched oxford shirts, bloomers and a hideously belted tunic for gym. Now we’d gone coed and moved to the boy’s campus. They’d given us their old locker room and built a new one for themselves. 

Go figure. We rested our bookbags on the urinals. 

So I waited shivering with my classmates as the head mistress entered with the coach who was carrying a pile of .. something? 

It didn’t look like a heap of scratchy elastic bloomers. Hooray!

“So there was a collective WTF
moment when we’d all dressed.”

No, these were cotton tee shirts and shorts.
Just like the boys. 

What unexpected joy is this? 

The locker room was giddy with anticipation as Coach passed out our uniforms and we quickly shivered into them, not noticing to whom was handed what. 

So there was a collective WTF moment when we’d all dressed.

ALL the shorts and all the tops were emblazoned across the front and back with S, M, L, XL. 

Just like the boys. 

I looked at my pal Brewz with her L top straining and Jody with her S top drowning her.
Then Marion struggled in XL shorts. I was a lucky M and M but no one wanted to walk out on a field like this.

 I got to hand it to Coach. She did one of those two fingered whistles to shut us up and then told us to please put on our uniforms inside out.  

You could still read the giant size letter, but it was muted. It wasn’t until our first game that we got proper uniforms without the exposed sizing. 

Except for Brewz.

“Her boobs were
literally weaponized!”

It was soccer season and Brewz was our goalie. As such she wore a different shirt from the rest of the team. Brewz’ shirt was black with a giant red STOP written across the chest. 

Across her double D chest. 

Her boobs were literally weaponized!
Not only was she a phenomenal goalie she led us to two division winning undefeated seasons.

We drew bigger crowds that the varsity football games and that amount of good cheering can spur an otherwise not better team to win! 

So my thoughts: 

Our boobs can have a lot of participation or none at all. 

It’s our choice. 

They can distract an opponent or entice someone you fancy or feed a baby or win a soccer game. 

For me, most days I don’t want my boobs weighing in one way or the other.  

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