Dear friends with boobs,

        Going braless has been my dream ever since I grew boobs. I didn’t know or care about style. I only knew all the clothes available required I wear a bra beneath them. So I did. But I’m older now and more aware. 

So how is it possible that women’s fashion designers only make clothes that require bras?

It’s not like boobs are going away. 

“You’ll simply look terrific in your SugarshirtYour non bra status is your business.”

It’s also fairly clear by now most women don’t enjoy having their boobs and nips delineated for all to see.  So how am I the only woman on earth to think “Why not make women’s shirts for women’s bodies including their boobs?” And ditch that medieval contraption completely?”  

I don’t know why. Women have a high tolerance for pain? 

I personally get dressed from the feet up. Will I be dashing in and out of the dry cleaners, the drug store, the post office? I’m going for flats or sneakers.
If I’m going to the dentist’s or lunch I opt for my “sit down shoes” between 3 inches and a stiletto. Might as well have cute feet.

Next is pants. Which pants fit? I wear those. 

Then, because I have access to all the prototypes, I put on a Sugarshirt. And it stays on because it looks good. I don’t put on a shirt where you can see everything through my bra and have to change my bra only to find out that the new bra makes terrible fat lumps under my arms and have to change my shirt again and maybe my bra again because the bra’s black and shows through the new shirt. 

“Why not make women’s shirts for women’s bodies including their boobs?”

To humour you. I have taken my bra off while:
- Driving a car
- In a movie theater
- On an airplane
- A ferry boat
- At a cocktail party
- A Mets game.
And once while getting written up for a broken taillight ticket in Alabama. Where else would you actually get ticketed for that? And I was only caught twice. 

        So now maybe earrings and even lipstick to finish off the look. Forget the hair. Brushing it is too much of a chore and I’m already so happy being braless let’s not tempt fate. I could add a jacket or scarf or more jewelry but I’m too lazy to do that so Sugarshirts are complete as is. I stuck a charm on the back!

What else? 

Have you ever been in the midst of a fun, optional activity like strolling and eating ice cream, watching a ballgame or having dinner with friends and all you’re thinking is “Get this bra off me!” because it’s digging into your sternum and strangling your chest? 


That doesn’t ever have to happen again. 

We can feel like men feel all the time.

We can feel fine. 

Not bugged or stabbed or strangled. And not oogled either. 

You’ll simply look terrific in your Sugarshirt. Your non bra status is your business.

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