sugarshirts™ story

It was 1976 and I had a sweatshirt emblazoned with USA across the front. After cutting it into a more attractive shape, I washed and wore it for 35 years. It was my go-to boob camouflaging shirt. I wore it bra-free and unexposed. Was I lovely? Not so much. But I was young and a certain amount of dishevel was forgiven. Then the unthinkable happened. The shirt deteriorated and could no longer contain my evolving bust. Worse, effective bras were spectacularly uncomfortable, and the bearable bras were spectacularly ineffective and often created problems of their own (straps stick out, bra roll, shoulder grooves). As Oprah would say "All I knew for sure" was the intense relief I felt whenever I took my bra off - a little moment of bliss in my day. I have left gatherings I'd been enjoying simply because my bra was making me so uncomfortable. 

So, in self defense and because I'm both vain and easily irritated, I invented sugarshirts™. They are beautifully tailored, creating an extremely flattering silhouette. Yet underneath you wear nothing. Just your sugarshirt™ against your skin, which feels dreamy enough to sleep in. There's no poke through and no lumps. No more compromising comfort for beauty, sugarshirts™ delivers both. Wearing sugarshirts™ is a truly liberating experience.