sugarshirts™ story

Once upon a time back in the 1970's I appropriated one of my boyfriend's sweatshirts. It was the perfect size, it was the perfect shape, and best of all the USA emblazoned on the front camouflaged my bust so I could wear it braless. 

Over time and wash and wear it became thinner and softer and the fit even more flattering. I moved to broiling Florida (I thought it was a dreadful idea at the time too but it turned out okay). I cut the sleeves off and some of the neckline and made it cooler and even more comfortable to wear. As soon as I got home from work my bra came off and my USA sweatshirt went on. On boating vacations, I never took it off. I have the evidence in every vacation photo album to date. My family was like "What's up with you mom? Wear another shirt. Any other shirt." 

Like the superb wife and mother I am, I ignored them for 20 years. Less easy to ignore were my ever increasing boobs. Every day I'd wake up they'd be incrementally bigger. They'd begun to migrate around to the sides too. And point toward my feet. This, I thought, is how boobs evolve and life is cruel, but that was all beside the point. Literally.

USA was not cutting it anymore. I was poking out and drooping low. I couldn't even open the door to pizza delivery without feeling and looking like an exhibitionist! It had been 20 years that I hadn't been wearing a bra at home (or sea) and now I would have to wear it all day every day. Like taking your shoes off for an airplane then trying to stuff your feet back in, my boobs could only be harnessed in a bra for so many hours a day without demanding to burst free. (To be fair to you bra fans - everything bugs me. Tags, seams, elastic banding, camisoles, you name it). The draping scarf trick didn't work anymore and while the down vest trick did, both are climate adverse for me. 

So, sugarshirts™ began. I embarked on creating a gorgeous and cool, French terrycloth sweatshirt with chic finishes providing comfort, freedom and camouflage in a most becoming shape. And I decided to give a percentage of the proceeds from this shirt to the Caridad Center in Boynton Beach Florida - They provide FREE medical, dental, educational and emergency services to the working impoverished including women's health and screenings. Just the little girl-scout troops Caridad Center has sponsored for the past 25 years bring tears to my eyes. These girls are the most gracious, grateful, empowered, involved, bright, and compassionate young women you'll ever meet. Same goes for the tiny, dynamic, Caridad staff. And their cofounder Connie Berry - I realize I'm off track, forgive me, just go to Caridad Center" 

sugarshirts™ are suitable to be worn at home or out in the world without feeling vulnerable, self-conscious, exposed, or uncomfortable and donating a percentage of everything to the Caridad Center.